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Home Building Services

Kiwibuild NZ carry out a wide variety of home building services. We project manage new home building through our partnerships with affiliated construction companies.

 Kiwibuild will do just about everything else in between with flair, trust, honesty and the highest level of workmanship at all times.

Our Process Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3…

  • Ideas & Brainstorming – What are you after? What colours or finishes? Is there anything you haven’t thought about? To get things rolling Kiwibuild NZ will have an initial meeting with you to discuss your plans and make them a reality.

  • Costing, Planning & Consents – Working to your budget or helping you work one out, Kiwibuild NZ can provide you with firm costings before putting ideas into plans and acquiring appropriate consents to begin building.

  • Building & Project Management – Once the money is all sorted, the plans are final, and all boxes are ticked for consents, the building begins. Kiwibuild NZ can also project manage the entire project with other trades-people.

Making alterations, extensions or renovations can be an incredibly rewarding experience, especially when the final result is revealed.

At Kiwibuild NZ we work with our customers to transform Kiwi homes for Kiwi families.

If your family is expanding, the kids have become teenagers, you’re running a home business, or you just want to accommodate more guests, alterations and extensions will make a big difference to your house. Not only do alterations and extensions make your home more functional and practical, but it will also make your home more appealing and valuable.

Reorganising room structure, knocking down internal walls to create a better flow or extending your home’s footprint can change the way you and your family live.

However, more often than not consents will be required when load-bearing walls are being altered or an extension increases the floor size of your house.

Kiwibuild NZ’s Got You Covered

We’ll take the stress out of alterations, extensions and renovations by project managing all facets of the work from start to finish. You can trust Kiwibuild NZ to make sure the whole job goes well. Kiwibuild NZ have got you covered.

Building & Project Management

At Kiwibuild NZ we work with all trades-people including joiners, plumbers, plasterers, electricians and tilers, managing timing and workflow on-time and on-budget. You can be rest assured Kiwibuild NZ will deliver top quality workmanship, reliable communication and great end results, just like we agreed at the outset.

Environment, Health & Safety

We ensure the building area is cleaned up at the end of each day so your home remains safe. We remove all waste and surplus materials and recycle where we can. At every stage of the project we’ll keep you updated and you’ll only ever have to deal with one person, Maurice from Kiwibuild NZ.

Building Consents & Regulations

Many alterations and extensions need to comply with the NZ Building Code and some may require additional consents, especially if load-bearing walls are being adjusted or external walls are being moved or created. Compliance and consents are the homeowner’s responsibility, but Kiwibuild NZ can facilitate and manage this process with the local authorities.

Kiwibuild NZ works with bathroom and kitchen designers as well as plumbers, electricians, gasfitters and other trades-people to dismantle existing kitchens and bathrooms and install new ones complete with joinery, fittings and other accessories.

Kiwibuild NZ can also work with you to design or redesign your bathroom or kitchen to suit your home and space so it’s just the way you want it. All building work is carried out with quality craftsmanship and efficient installation.

Our high building and design standards ensure your new kitchen or bathroom will last the test of time and everything Kiwi families throw at them.

New & Renovated Bathrooms

Kiwibuild NZ do minor bathroom upgrades to full refurbishments. What’s more, we can handle all aspects of the project and manage the job and the other trades-people involved. After an initial meet and greet visit to discuss your bathroom requirements, Kiwibuild NZ will prepare a detailed quote.

Once agreed by yourself, we’ll begin planning your new bathroom, sourcing materials and bathroom fittings and talking to plumbers and electricians, building can begin with GIB® stopping, painting and tiling and of course the electrics and plumbing. What’s more, Kiwibuild NZ can co-ordinate and supervise all trades-people involved so it all goes smoothly.

To Consent or to not Consent

When moving plumbing, rewiring electrics, re-aligning drainage and replacing flooring, things can get tricky.* The key is to try and keep the main electrics and plumbing in their existing positions so new fittings such as lights and heaters, taps and toilets can be replaced. Cabinetry and handles can easily be removed and upgraded for a more modern look and feel.

In summary, most bathroom renovations don’t require consent. However, if consents are required Kiwibuild NZ can facilitate and make dealing with local authorities easy. We can also help with drawings and plans for council.

*The New Zealand building code allows new bathroom fittings to be installed if they’re replacing old fittings in the same location, as long as the same or similar materials are used. However, such work still needs to be carried out in accordance with the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Act 2006. And if you’re installing a tiled wet area such as a walk-in shower, you’ll need consent from your local authority (council).

Saying No to Leaky Buildings!

When it comes to building new walls, floors and ceilings in wet areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, correctly installed waterproofed GIB® board is required. Also, a special waterproof membrane needs to go behind tiled areas with grouting to prevent damage through leaking. If water escapes from around a bath or shower and it goes unnoticed for a period of time, it can cause serious damage and be very costly in the long run.

Being a Tidy Kiwi

Construction can be messy if we need to demolish your existing bathroom, so you’ll need to have a plan on how you’ll manage without a bathroom while the rebuild is going on. We’ll clean up all the rubbish and remove all waste from the site so you don’t have to worry about that!

Kitchen Refits & Refurbishing

The key to a great kitchen is in the synergy between aesthetics and functionality. But before starting a kitchen renovation, it’s important to make sure the existing space is considered carefully.

Moving windows, doors or walls can help with a new design and layout, but this also causes issues with consents and building requirements.

Questions such as what sort of storage do you need? If the new kitchen incorporates a dining table and chairs, is there enough room for them? Asking such questions at the outset is paramount to make sure space is effectively planned out. Kiwibuild NZ can help you assess your existing space and discuss your refurbishment ideas and future vision together.

Kitchen are the Heart of the Home

Renovating a kitchen is likely to cost between $10,000 and $30,000. And, as with bathrooms, moving the locations of sinks and stoves and their electrics and plumbing, will likely involve consents, permits and extra costs. So, if you’re able to stick to the original floor plan and structure of your kitchen, you’ll be able to minimise your renovation costs. Likewise, the same goes for existing doors and windows. Then again, if you want your kitchen to be completely reborn, anything can be done!

Kitchen Bench-Tops

Along with the ability to build kitchens, Kiwibuild NZ also has plenty of experience in bench-tops and backsplashes. Laminated bench-tops are the most common and most economical material for benchtops with amny colours and styles available. Bamboo, stainless steel and other types of bench-tops can also be installed. Bamboo adds a warm wooden tone to a kitchen while stainless steel creates a more contemporary look and feel. You could consider laminated timber.

Taking care of your own home or investment / rental property means from time-to-time it’s going to need maintenance, repairs, renovations and the fixing of unexpected issues.

Enter KiwiBuild NZ, your one-stop-shop to manage repairs and maintenance.

Finding and organising trades-people and staying on top of all property maintenance can be time consuming and costly. KiwiBuild NZ can handle all maintenance and repairs for your property including building, electrical work, plumbing, plastering, painting and any other handyman tasks required outside, inside and everything in between.

KiwiBuild NZ works closely with rental property managers Quinovic and Jim Brown Rentals.

You Name It KiwiBuild NZ Can Sort It

Here are some of the home maintenance and repair building jobs we can do:

  • Door or window replacement
  • Bathroom and kitchen touch-ups or renovations
  • Cat-door installation
  • Skirting board replacement
  • Gib board repair, plastering and painting
  • And much more … just ask!

Outdoor environments, stand alone or as extensions of your home’s indoor-outdoor flow, are often the fun places where entertaining happens and memories are made.

Kiwibuild NZ build all types of decks and many other structures for outdoor spaces.

Decks for Everyone

Kiwibuild NZ build all shapes, sizes and styles of decks along with other hard, built outdoor areas. We make sure the decks we build are safe with the appropriate consents, within building regulations, and within your budget. If you want to add value to your property and create an indoor-outdoor flow, a new deck, terrace or patio is a great option.

Increase the Size of your Deck

Deck extensions are a great way to enlarge your outdoor space. At Kiwibuild NZ we’ll start by inspecting the structural posts, beams and joists of your deck, looking for splits or sagging. If its structure is sound, we can keep it in place and add a new section or sections to it to create a new and fresh outdoor environment for you and your family to enjoy.

Deck Repairs & Maintenance

If your existing deck is old and it has damaged or rotten boards it may need to be repaired or replaced. A rebuild of your deck will help make it safer and give it a longer life.

Other Outdoor Spaces

At Kiwibuild NZ we can also build other structures for outdoor spaces such as perimeter fencing or fencing for pools, gates, pergolas, privacy screens and trellises, planters and garden beds, handrails and balustrades, platforms, ramps for wheelchair access, steps, stairs and seats, and retaining walls. We also build storage solutions for garages and sheds.

Kiwibuild NZ is proud to be partnered up with Tower and Symetri, carrying out insurance repair claims on homes and businesses across Hawke’s Bay.

Tower Insurance

Remember that confidence you had as a kid? It was a time when you had no worries, an unshakeable belief that everything will be ok, no matter what happens along the way.

That someone was always looking out for you. We think that’s how you should feel with Tower Insurance

Symetri – Catastrophe, Project & Claims Management

Our cloud based proprietary system enables customised claims and project management solutions.

You’ll maintain full control, apply the right resources at the right time, and get in-depth reporting anytime, anywhere.

Combined, these benefits reduce the length and cost of completion, providing transparency and visibility at all times.